Tax issues can be a challenge for the layman. If you run into some trouble, that is the best time to bring in a Chicago taxation lawyer, who has years of experience dealing with similar situations to your current one. These lawyers have the background, the education and the confidence to get you through a potentially difficult area when it comes to handling tax issues.



Lawyers receive both an undergraduate degree and complete a three-year program for law following the completion of a bachelor’s degree. This concludes with the achievement of a Juris Doctor, or JD. In addition to that, the lawyer has to pass the bar for your state, ensuring they know the local laws and can handle your case easily and to your benefit.


If you are making money as a private citizen, filing taxes annually is a must. Lawyers can be equipped to help you deal with issues related to past filed taxes. They can help you deal with oversights or inaccurate reports, if the IRS has contacted you and let you know they found issues with your taxes.

This Chicago taxation lawyer has spent time in the courtroom or outside it, defending the average citizen against tax issues. They know what to say, what to ask and how to handle just about any issue the IRS may bring up in relation to your income and properties. Make a call and consult a lawyer about your situation, and you will find out just how much they know regarding your situation and the best way to resolve it.


Corporations may run into issues related to tax filings as well. For that reason, having a lawyer that you work with regularly is a good idea. They will know your company and be ready to defend against issues the IRS brings up. If for some reason you opt not to keep a lawyer on retainer, be prepared to provide all necessary information to the lawyer you hire. They will need to know all the details to get your business back on track and the IRS to give up the idea they need to audit the business, seize assets or other potential issues they may cause.


The first and most important question is regarding the state bar. Your lawyer must be admitted to the state bar to legally practice in the state. If they cannot legally practice in the state, you are only adding to your problems by giving money to a professional that can not help you.

The next consideration is if they have any specialized training in addition to their law degree. This can be helpful to your situation. It can also be helpful if the lawyer has a background in accounting, as that is additional experience that can be utilized to properly handle your case.

Another question to ask a lawyer prior to hiring him or her is how long the firm has been in business and to give an idea of the amount of cases regarding tax law the firm has handled.

Finally, it is time to get to specifics regarding your case. Discuss the lawyer’s typical fees and if they believe they can help you handle your specific situation, giving pertinent details as needed. Hiring a Chicago taxation lawyer does not have to be additional stress when you are already concerned about the situation at hand and potentially about to lose money or face jail time. Ask the right questions until you find a lawyer you are sure can help you come out of the situation as quickly as possible and with the least amount of issues. The right lawyer will help you understand the process, gather the necessary proof for defending yourself and resolve the situation as efficiently as possible. You know that trying to deal with the situation on your own is impossible, but hiring an ill-equipped lawyer does not improve your situation at all either.