Chicago Criminal Tax Defense Lawyer

The statistics are in. The IRS has increased their investigations, and businesses and individuals need to be prepared in the instance that they face criminal charges related to their taxes. A Chicago Criminal Tax Defense Lawyer has the experience in that arena that can help you get through the process as painlessly as possible. They can help you work to avoid jail time and exorbitant fines that will really impede your quality of life for years to come.

People who tend to withhold information while filing taxes can face tax fraud charges. Criminal tax fraud can mean years of jail time and seizure of your assets, just to name a couple possibilities of consequences. For those who take part in illegal activities and are caught, it is wise to contact a knowledgeable lawyer to help you deal with the repercussions.

chicago criminal tax defense lawyer


For people who need help dealing with criminal tax charges, having a lawyer that already has a developed relationship with the IRS is a smart move. Those lawyers know how people at the IRS work and how to handle interactions with the representatives of the IRS. They know how to keep the process moving forward and avoid hang-ups due to skipped steps in the process.

A Chicago Criminal Tax Defense Lawyer understands how the process in court works. They know the likelihood of certain outcomes based on the situation and charges involved. They can help you prepare for your case and be in a position to handle it the best way possible.

Whether you are facing charges for tax fraud or evasion, bank secrecy violations, structuring, failure to file or failure to pay, it is important to have a lawyer who has experienced cases similar to yours and knows what to recommend at various points throughout the investigation and trial processes.

A Chicago Criminal Tax Defense Lawyer is aware that in order to prove guilt, the IRS must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you, the taxpayer and person being charged, were guilty of the charge at hand. If that happens to be under-reporting income or participating in illegal activities, those situations may have certain approaches to them. For other situations, the manner to handle them is different. Your lawyer can ensure that you are approaching the case at hand in the proper manner to decrease your chances of being found guilty.


For those who are accused of under-reporting income to the IRS, it is wise to remember that there is no certain amount that is needed to file charges. Any amount can be an issue when you failed to report it during a tax filing. Therefore, representing yourself with the defense that it was not much money that was not reported could well land you behind bars. In order to avoid that possibility, hire a lawyer that knows the best way to approach a case where a small amount of money was not reported. That way, you have a better chance of success when it comes to the court appearance.

Also, keep in mind that attorney-client privilege is valuable when it comes to cases of tax charges. Your tax preparer can be made to testify against you. A CPA you hire can receive a subpoena to appear in court. Your Chicago Criminal Tax Defense Lawyer, on the other hand, is your legal representation and is therefore immune from having to testify against you. There are many reasons that can be beneficial. Keep that in mind when considering whether to avoid spending the money to retain legal counsel. The difference a few dollars for hiring a lawyer can make in your bank account versus the amount of time you might have to spend in jail make it a logical choice to invest in hiring that experienced legal counsel. It is wise to do that as soon as possible.


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