Helping Clients Defend Against Allegations of Tax Return Fraud

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Many people are found guilty of tax fraud each year by the IRS. However, many people are also wrongfully subjected to intrusive investigations by the IRS due to overzealous suspicions of tax fraud. Even more frightening, such investigations may lead to wrongful allegations of tax fraud, including federal criminal charges.

If you have been charged with tax fraud, it is critical that you talk to a highly experienced tax fraud attorney as soon as possible. These charges can result in serious convictions and sentences, including extensive fines and time behind bars. Even if you have not yet been charged, a tax fraud lawyer can help you take steps to avoid future accusations. Please call the Chicago office of Attorneys Tax Relief to discuss your situation.

Stopping Allegations Before they Arise

If you or your accountant made errors on your taxes or if you failed to file tax returns, the IRS may be alerted and may initiate an audit of your tax returns or lack thereof. Many circumstances throughout the audit process may lead IRS officials to suspect that you did more than make a simple mistake or forgot to file. Instead, an agent may believe that your actions were intended to wrongfully avoid paying your true tax liability. Some factors that may lead to suspicions of tax fraud include the following:

  • Failure to file multiple returns
  • Not having records to support the information on your returns
  • Having substantial cash transactions
  • Significantly under-reporting your income
  • Overstating your expenses or deductions
  • Giving inconsistent information to the IRS during your audit

If an IRS agent becomes suspicious of your behavior during an audit, they can refer your case to federal prosecutors for a tax fraud investigation. However, an experienced IRS defense lawyer who understands the audit process can advise you on steps to take during the audit process to avoid or minimize suspicion. For this reason, you should always call a skilled tax defense attorney as soon as you learn you are being audited.

Defending Against Criminal Fraud Charges

If your audit results in charges of criminal tax fraud or tax evasion, you should not delay in contacting an attorney with significant experience defending against this type of charge. You should never speak to IRS agents or prosecutors without the presence of an attorney. Even if they claim they are there to help you, they can and will use what you say against you whenever possible. We can help with all communications from the start of your case.

Defending against tax fraud requires resources to investigate the basis for the allegations against you and to gather and present adequate evidence in your defense. Our attorneys know how to identify any possible legal defenses in your case, negotiate with prosecutors, and represent you at a federal trial when necessary.

Contact our Chicago Tax Fraud Lawyers if You have been Accused by the IRS

If you have been notified of an audit, you should call Attorneys Tax Relief as soon as you can for your best chances of avoiding further suspicion. If you have been charged with tax fraud, it is imperative that you call us immediately so we can begin working on your defense. Call today at 312-756-0527 for the help you need.


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